Exploring for Wilcox Sands Onshore? These studies answer the following questions:

Which sands produce?

Where are the sands?

Where are the incised valleys?

What is the potential for shelf bypass?

When and where did the shelf margin retrograde?

Where are the distributary channels and mouth bars?

Where are the sediment gravity flows and basinal fans?

Which growth faults were active during specific stratigraphic intervals?

If you drill Middle and Upper Wilcox wells in onshore South Texas , whether for exploration or production, you should consider licensing these studies. The published literature does not begin to answer the key questions of depositional systems, sand and stratigraphic prediction, or timing of structures as described by these studies.

Exploring for Paleocene/Eocene reservoirs in the deep Gulf of Mexico?
See what the Wilcox Shelf Margin was REALLY like!

If you explore in the offshore Gulf of Mexico, deep shelf or deep water , a knowledge of the depositional systems, stratigraphic architecture and structural evolution of the Early Eocene Wilcox shelf margin/slope can aid in regional reservoir prediction.

Since these studies are digital, you get a product that can be integrated into your present working environment, and be updated as your knowledge expands.