Our regional geologic studies of important producing trends in the Gulf Coast onshore have been well received by the industry. Studies of the Wilcox, Yegua and Lower Miocene are available. Several publications (including two award-winners, the first about the prograding unstable Wilcox shelf margin ; the second on retrogradational failed shelf margins) describe some of the results of these studies.

These studies are unique for the extensive well control that they incorporate, and their integration with seismic, paleo and whole core, where possible.

These studies emphasize the deltaic to slope setting, where well penetrations diminish, and much remains to be understood, predicted and drilled.

The stratigraphic framework is constructed using appropriate reference to sequence and genetic stratigraphy. Maps and cross sections are completely integrated providing a series of depositional systems/structural reconstructions within the targeted stratigraphic interval.

Descriptions of existing subsurface geologic studies are available in the Wilcox and Studies sections, above.

A no-obligation in-house presentation of these studies can be scheduled at your convenience.