“Marc was called in because one of his old regional studies crossed our area of interest. What was most intriguing was that once we purchased Marc’s regional study and I began to merge it with my seismic interpretation I found that Marc’s shelf edge and canyon, as predicted in his regional well-log study, matched my 3D seismic interpretation of the shelf edge within 1,000′. We then used Marc’s consulting service to make select cross-sections aided by the new 3D data. The cross-sections were an integral aid in selling the wildcat drilling project to investors.”

“Marc Edwards is a highly skilled sequence stratigrapher with the extraordinary ability to extract the secrets of the subsurface by interpreting well log data. In this age of 3D seismic, the art of well-log correlation and subsurface geologic interpretation is a dying art. Marc Edwards is keeping this art alive.”

“Marc jumpstarted Osprey into the Texas State waters’ Frio trend by providing a regional stratigraphic framework. This allowed Osprey to concentrate on prospect generation and later mesh the two together. Marc’s initial regional work held up with our drilling of 10 new wells in the area and the incorporation of detailed paleontological analyses of these and other wells.”

“Marc’s geologic interpretations of the complicated geologic framework in Zapata have largely stood the test of time, more wells, and seismic.”

“Marc Edwards has a remarkable track record of taking one of our industry’s most extensive and least expensive data-sets (conventional open hole well logs) and putting a piece of the earth into perspective. When viewed in proper perspective, anomalies make sense and new ideas can emerge.”

“Geologic models helped stimulate new interpretations and opportunities.”

“Marc Edwards has led the fight against subsurface attention deficit disorder. While most of us are scrambling around, he quietly correlates thousands of logs with insight and imagination and creates maps, cross sections, and databases that give the rest of us a chance to finally understand the larger picture.”

“Regional correlation framework and sand maps form foundation for farm-in evaluations and seismically driven exploration program.”

“Reliable correlations allow confident extension of key surfaces to adjacent areas.”

“A solid stratigraphic framework.”