Our Philosophy

WORK – Our primary contribution is to provide an independent interpretation of stratigraphic architecture and depositional systems leading to enhanced stratigraphic prediction. The operational principles are the “multiple working hypotheses” (a given set of data can usually be explained by more than one model – your favorite one), and “honor thy data” (the one piece of data that doesn’t agree with all the other pieces can be either ignored or understood, or at least acknowledged). TIME – it takes time to do good work. MONEY – sure it costs money to hire a consultant, but consider – we can provide
1. a regional context to help market a prospect
2. a subsurface interpretation to test against your 3D seismic
3. an existing geological study of the area,
4. a custom study for your specific needs
5. a custom update to an older, existing regional study
6. collaboration with your geoscientists to integrate a subsurface study with your existing work.

We hope this web site will help you evaluate whether or not we can be of assistance.